The Falls Family:
Parents: James Thomas Falls and Mary Elizabeth Burger
Children: Robert - Margaret - Nettie - Emma - Nannie - Bettie - Ezbon - Lucy - Phillip - Annie
Grandchildren of JT Falls and Mary Burger - Falls Group Shots

Grandchildren of James Thomas Falls and Mary Elizabeth Burger

Listed below in order of birth are the Hunt first cousins, grandchildren of James Thomas Falls and Mary Elizabeth "Burger" Falls.

ParentChildBirth Death
Parent Child Born Died
Margaret Stallings Ray x
Margaret Stallings Atlas x
Nettie Bartley Dallas 1894 x
Nettie Bartley Bertha 1895 x
Nettie Bartley Lola 1897 1990
Nettie Bartley Emmy 1901 1940
Lucy Skaggs Dennis 1901 1915
Nettie Bartley Dessie 1903 x
Lucy Skaggs Conrad 1904 x
Lucy Skaggs James 1905 x
Ezbon Falls Kenneth 1906 1987
Nettie Bartley Dorothy 1907 1989
Lucy Skaggs Mary 1908 x
Bettie Long Fannie 1909 x
Ezbon Falls Eugene 1909 1991
Nettie Bartley Terrell 1911 x
Bettie Long James 1911 x
Lucy Skaggs Loyce 1911 x
Bettie Long Mary 1914
Lucy Skaggs Ryal 1915 1999
Lucy Skaggs Esther 1916
Bettie Long Ezbon 1917
Phillip Falls Inez 1918
Lucy Skaggs Olive 1919
Phillip Falls George 1919
Phillip Falls Mabel 1921
Phillip Falls Jamie 1922 2005
Annie Hunt James 1922
Phillip Falls Frances 1925 2009
Phillip Falls Thomas 1929
Phillip Falls Owen 1932

George Falls and James Hunt
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