The Hunt Family:
Parents: Marion Revis Hunt and Nancy M. Gilmore
Children: Albert - Samuel - OT - Robert - Joe - Dee - Marion - Jay - Purl
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Joe Scott Hunt

Joe Scott Hunt was born in February of 1885 in Fannin County, Texas to Marion Revis Hunt and Nancy Gilmore. He moved with his family to Eastland County, Texas prior to the 1900 census. Joe Scott Hunt married Annie Mary Falls on May 26, 1918 in Eastland County, Texas. They had five boys, but only one survived childhood (James Revis "JR" Hunt). Their issue with childbirth had to due with Annie having a negative blood type.

Joe was primarily a blacksmith, but worked in several different fields during his life. He moved his family to Rockport, Texas around 1928 due to Annie's health conditions at the time. A doctor reccomended the gulf climate. Making the trip with the Hunts to live in Rockport was Robert "Bobby" Falls, who had lived their for a time previously. While in Rockport, Joe did dirt work on the construction of a local lake. Bobby continued his carpentry work in Rockport building several homes in the area. Joe and Annie's son James started school in Rockport in 1928. The family moved back to Eastland County after about 4 to 5 years on the Coast. Joe opened a blacksmith shop soon after their return.

Joe died on October 17, 1961 in Ranger, Texas.

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Joe and Annie "Falls" Hunt

Joe Hunt

Joe's son James "J.R." Hunt

Joe and Annie Hunt

Joe Hunt with his father Marion in Blacksmith Shop

Joe Hunt

Joe and Annie Hunt - Before 1922

James Hunt

James Hunt

James Hunt
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